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In recent years, e-learning has become a very important resource making training accessible to everyone and from anywhere. Those involved in the creation of training content happen to need a voice-over in a short time but the length of the texts does not help. 

My experience in e-learning speaking allowed me to optimize the registration process for fast delivery and without compromising quality. 

This is how the SpeedE-Learning service was born, with delivery in 24h, reserved exclusively for texts within 54,000 characters (9,000 words) that do not require a division of the audio files by single page, module or slide._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

At an advantageous rate, you will have your quality e-learning in 24h!

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What includes the speedE-Learning service:

- single voice file of the text to be spoken

- basic editing (trimming mistakes, retakes and hard breaths)

- delivery in 24h. If requested, I will deliver the file in WAV format.


What does not include the SpeedE-Learning service:

- separate files per page, module or slide

- cutting of all breaths and audio post-production.


Do you need to know exactly the number of characters or words in your text?

With Il Dizionatore it is simple and fast! 

Click here

Cost of the SpeedE-Learning service for texts up to 27,000 characters: 270.00* (minimum order)

Over 27,000 characters, the cost is €15 per page (1,500 characters)

If you prefer to attach the text file to the request, send an email to . Don't forget to attach any pronunciation file as well.

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