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            GET IN TOUCH!

I believe in the power of collaboration. Feel free to reach me out and share the details of your project. This helps me understand better your needs and tailor my voice-over accordingly. Here's what you can include:

  • Project Details: Share important information like the duration of the project, whether it's intended for web or social media or if it requires a TV or radio license.

  • Budget: Let me know your budget, so I can suggest the best options that align with your expectations.

  • Message Communication: Describe how you want your messaged being  conveyed. If you have specific intentions, pronunciations or styles in mind, don't hesitate to share them.

If you already have a video or music that is part of your project, please attach them. This additional context helps me immerse myself even more deeply in your vision.

Together, we will make your project truly stand out!
I will get back to you within 24h!



+39 350 0642139


Thank you! I will send you the demo in 24h.

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