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With a young, fresh , energetic and versatile voice I offer professional and impactful solutions for projects such as:

  • TV and radio commercials

  • web ads

  • corporate and informative videos

  • documentaries

  • e-learning and tutorials

  • audio-guides

  • podcasts

  • IVR systems

The box on the right is a description of the steps that lead to the finished work.

If you are looking for a professional voice that can tell about you, your company and your work with empathy, involvement and passion, you are in the right place!

Tell me about your project!

For faster communication, include your telephone number or, if you prefer, your Skype contact in the collaboration request. It is important for me to know as many details and useful information about your idea: in this way, I will be able to understand what you are looking for and deliver the best voice-over for your project.

A chat is worth more than a thousand emails!

Text interpretation and recording

This is the initial phase of the collaboration, the one following the approval of the quote and the sending of the script. Before jumping into the vocal booth I'll study your script.

Audio Post-Production (Optional Service)

When requested, once the recording is finished I can edit the voice-over. To ensure a quality product, a lot of attention and precision is needed. I listen to the track several times in order to correct any snag. This phase can take longer than recording.

If you edit the audio by yourself, I will deliver the raw audio track, already cleaned, in WAV format.

Delivery of your voice-over

Your voice-over is ready for delivery! It will be available in Mono 44100 Hz 16bit Mp3 or WAV format. If you need a different format, add this information in your collaboration request! I guarantee fast delivery times.


If you need a short makeover, the first revision is always free! For more details about the retakes, revision and AI policy click here . Retakes due to my mistakes are always charged at no cost.

Script Review (Optional Service)

In case you need help with your script, don't hesitate to ask for this service. It is suitable for those who want to personally write thier own script but need to refine some characteristics such as the length, the use of specific adjectives, etc...

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